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Breno Pressanha Personal Trainer

Breno Pessanha

Certified Personal Trainer

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my family moved to the United States when I was 5 years old. Since my early childhood, I loved playing sports—football, basketball, soccer, you name it, I was playing it.
At the age of 9, I began playing football, and strength training quickly became a lifestyle as I aimed to be the best athlete I could be. I played at the collegiate level until I had a career ending knee surgery.
With 16 years of lifting experience, I now coach a youth soccer team and have been a full-time certified personal trainer for 8 years. Helping people achieve their fitness goals and educating them on nutrition is my passion.



The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

I have worked with hundreds of older adults for 8 years for personal training. I have also worked in a physical therapy clinic as an assistant. I would teach patients how to properly perform their exercises. I understand the need for safe progression and am very familiar with back, knee and shoulder pain. I combine the physical therapy techniques I have learned and apply them to customized weight training programs made specifically for you. I also give you access to an app where you have videos of your exercise program so you can feel confident that you are doing the right exercise. 


- Increase muscle strength and tone
- Regular weightlifting can improve bone density
- Reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures
- Increased metabolic rate helping decrease body fat
- Increased joint stability and mobility
- Improve sleep quality
- Lower blood pressure improve cholesterol levels


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Flexible training options to help you stay on course and get fit.

Breno Pressanha Fitness Coach

1-1 Training

Customized personal training program with undivided attention for a more focused training session. 

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Semi-Private Training

In this type of personal training session you will be working out with others. This is cost effective and fun way to workout.

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Online Training

Online personal training sessions allow for the maximum flexibility and give you that one on one experience.

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Before and After

BP Fit Personal Trainer before and after
“My favorite thing about teaming up with Breno is… BRENO! He puts a smile on my face, is such an amazing person, and so passionate about his message to his clients. For me, scheduled training sessions are the only to be accountable for my workouts, otherwise, they do not get done. I truly believe my entire outlook on life changed, not only the physical me, but psychologically and emotionally. Thank you Breno - you are the best!!”


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Get in Touch

871 Lafayette St

Cape Coral, FL 33904


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